Halfway Through! #4

I think my goal accurately describes my experience. I was here to meet a lot of different people and I am meeting several interesting people everyday. I am getting a sense of the industry and my supervisors are helping me learn so much more everyday. After a little self-evaluation as well as feedback from one of my supervisors, I think I have made progress as an individual and I have also come to understand professionalism more. I believe I am going in the right direction and I learn a lot with each passing day.


However, I feel that I have to expand my goals and make them help me accomplish future goals. For instance, one of my main goals were to build contacts. Now I have realized that not only is it important to have emails and phone numbers, but it is also important to build connections. One of my supervisors explained her career story with me and put a lot of emphasis on building connections and putting a lot of stress on how you teach people. I am working on how to keep these contacts and trying to put my best foot forward. I am happy to see that my internships are going where I need them to go!

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