Informational Interview #1 – Within Organization

This week I conducted an informational interview with a researcher inside of Urban named Erin (not her real name). Erin and I met on my first day,  as it was her first day too! Despite the fact that she was coming into the company in a much more senior position than me , we went through training together, where I learned that she was a math major in undergrad and received an economics Ph.D. 4 years ago. As a math/econ major, I wanted to talk with Erin about her experiences to get some of her insight and advice. I was especially interested to hear about her decision to work in the corporate and nonprofit world after her Ph.D. instead of the more traditional route of going into academia.

Erin gave me a lot of good information about what her experiences were like in the corporate world and in her Ph.D. process, and why she has moved into the non-profit sector with Urban. What she told me will be very useful to me as I figure out what my career and educational preferences are, and decide where to intern next year or if I want to go to graduate school. She helped me understand a bit more how one moves between industries in their career as well.



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