Mid-Point Check In: Blog #3


The ALSAC office has slowed down this week after a busy June. My month was packed with trips to Toledo for our Dream Home Giveaway Sellathon, Traverse City for our vineyard event, and Brighton for the annual Danny Thomas Invitational Golf Outing. While I am not personally assigned to these projects, I spent most of my time filling in where necessary to make these events successful. At the beginning of the summer, one of my goals was to get the most out of my internship by attending as many events as possible. I am certainly glad I followed through with this goal because the June events were rewarding, fun, and reminded me why I am spending my summer here. At our Sunset in the Vines event in Traverse City, I was able to meet a patient named Gunnar. Gunnar is a favorite around the office and his adorable face is used for national marketing campaigns, so I was looking forward to meeting him. but I had no idea just how much he would inspire me. Gunnar is am energetic 2.5 year old boy who loves throwing rocks and yelling into microphones. He is full of life, more than any other child I’ve ever met, which shows both his strength but also his gratitude for St. Jude. His joy reminded me not only to be grateful and positive, but to go back to work the next week and continue to step out of my comfort zone, set  laziness aside, and work hard for every dollar for the kids.

Now that we have been back in the office, I have been working on my St. Jude Walk/Run to End Childhood Cancer projects. I am doing extremely well at coming up with creative ideas and designs for marketing materials and mailings. The reports definitely reflected an increase in registrations after my wristband gift mailing was sent out. Another success was stepping out of my comfort zone and getting donations for an auction. It is not fun to ask people for gifts but once I remember that I am asking for the kids, not for my boss or myself, I am more confident and successful.

The SJWRs are in September so I expect more challenges and work in the near future!

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