Mid-Way Mark | #4

One of the goals I set to accomplish at the beginning of my internship was taking initiative.  I am thrilled to say I constantly ask for more tasks, and am not shy about asking questions; I am motivated to continue approaching my internship with the same mindset with the few weeks I have left.  I also set the goal for myself to get as much exposure as possible.  Last week myself andc 4 other interns were lucky enough to meet with MWWPR’s CEO.  MWWPR is the parent company that owns Berk Communication.  Mr. Kempner was very nice and extremely informative about his rise to producing a booming PR firm.

As far as a self-assessment, I would categorize myself as a hardworking intern.  I always complete my tasks in a timely fashion, and when I am done working on something, I immediately ask what else I can help with.  I also believe my internship offers several areas for personal growth.  More recently I have been assigned creative brainstorming tasks to help market one of Berk Communication’s big events at the end of the summer.  These tasks have allowed me to devise ideas of my own and contemplate whether or not I can see myself pursuing a career in Public Relations.

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