Month #2, Journal #2

I’ve been in Maryland for well over a month now, and to be pretty honest, I’m worn out. The past month has been really eye-opening.

The first thing I realized is that there is no such thing as a perfect housemate. No matter how little you run into each other and no matter how much you can get along as friends, things can be so different when you’re living with them. Although the first few weeks I thought I had finally found some housemates that are similar to me in terms of lifestyle, I was completely wrong. And although I like these girls when we’re all gathered around the couch having a good conversation, I would never want to live with them ever again. Even though I don’t like them as housemates, I’ve learned to still accept them as friends. As they know I’m completely new to the DMV area, they’ve been so friendly and helpful!

Another thing I realized is that I’m probably not the type that can stick to one job/company for a long time. I’ve read a few articles about how millennials are always looking for something new, and I completely get that. Although I love this company and love the job I’m doing with the HR department here, I can’t imagine myself working this for too long. Why? I can’t really figure that out yet. I’m guessing this isn’t necessarily a good thing, but is it a bad thing?

I’m also a bit discouraged because I’m learning that leadership in the workplace is not really the same as leadership in organizations on campus. Maybe it’s because this company is so big and managers have such big teams, but I can’t imagine myself in one of these leadership roles. Leading a group of 5-10 team members didn’t seem like too hard of a task, but leading a group of almost 100 employees and dealing with possible real-world, costly consequences really does scare me. I have formed an immense amount of respect for the managers I personally work with here and the executives that I don’t directly work with, but I know have an impact on making sure our department runs smoothly.

It’s been really fun learning more about this company and more about how big companies run in general. I feel like this internship has been good for me in terms of narrowing down the possible future career paths I’ve been thinking about.

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