Overcoming Challenges | #5

I have yet to face an overly challenging task during my internship, and have therefore not made any awful errors. 🙂

Most of my assigned tasks thus far involve finding and creating lists of local and national media contacts; However, I would not categorize updating and making additions to these lists as simply busy work.  Berk communications reaches out to these contacts with pitches for their clients to be featured in the media.  Therefore, good contacts are key!

While researching contacts on multiple databases, I have come across small obstacles, such as invalid or lack of updated information.  When this is the case, I first ask my boss if she is familiar with the name of the contact.  If she is, she will either instruct me to delete the name, or will provide me with more information to help me assess how I should proceed.

One other particular task I enjoyed involved brainstorming and creating ideas for a new menu item at one of Berk’s restaurant clients.  Although no errors were involved because it was simply a brainstorming task, it was most definitely a challenging one, especially since the New York City restaurant industry is constantly booming and looking for new and exciting ways to attract customers.

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