Southern Cal Culture || #2

So its been over 2 weeks since I started my internship – a good enough time for me to gauge the atmosphere and the workplace culture. Coming into the internship, I was expecting it to be slightly formal and strict since it is research-based work in a lab – hence I went in nicely dressed – wearing a shirt and a pair of trousers. But, when I was introduced to my mentor, I saw that she was wearing a casual top with tights. In addition to this, I immediately sensed that the workplace vibe was a really take-it-easy one. Everyone I met seemed jovial, happy-go-lucky and super laid back. In fact, I saw one co-worker playing video games on his computer in the middle of the day!  These moments, all occurring on the first day of work, made me realize that I wouldn’t have to work on a 9-5 schedule, wear formals daily or be supervised strictly. This came a massive relief to me, because I hate wearing formals daily and dislike being put on a strict schedule.

It has been wonderful working in this relaxed atmosphere. However, at times, I wonder how people get any work done when they are talking to people about life for one hour, taking a one hour lunch break to go to Whole Foods and an ice cream store, and spend another 30 minutes talking to their interns and helping them with their projects. In addition to these, the patio of the office overlooks Torrey Pines Golf Course and then the Pacific Ocean. With this view surrounding you on 3 sides, it really is an amazement how people are able to focus on their research and not just the window. I would find it hard to work here just because how breathtaking this place really is.

View from the patio of the lab

I am really enjoying my time here in San Diego and the culture at my lab is just aiding me in finding out how good the Southern Cal life is. Everyone seems happy, in no rush to get anywhere or anything and simply just want to enjoy life and make others enjoy life too! Can’t wait to update you guys in a week about my work and more feel good vibes.


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