Value of Diversity | #3

I have seen a variety of identities during my internship, even some I was not exposed to before. Personally, I have not been inclined to identify myself to a narrow identity, but I do categorize myself in the usual ways of appearance, gender, culture and hobbies. The one thing that surprised me in my internship was the number of women I saw at the firm, in all kinds of roles. From my previous internships and research projects, where I mostly worked around men, this was a big change. However, seeing the increased number of women made me think less of my identity as a woman. I felt more comfortable and fitting in the role, which led me to overlook the differences I had with my co-workers and feel more united. In terms of hobbies, I found several people who shared my interests, but also many who introduced me to their interests that I never looked into before. This has helped me grow into a more holistic person as I allowed myself to engage myself with more identities. I noticed how a more holistic personality benefits networking since, I can now approach people who I thought I had nothing in common with and always be able to find something to discuss or learn.

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