Week 3: Work and Festivities |#2

It has now been my third week at Aireko Energy Solutions in New York and I can confidently say this has been the coolest place I have worked at so far. Last week on National Yoga Day, I walked into the office to see yoga mats and an instructor inviting people at the WeWork Chelsea office to join her. On the Friday before the annual Gay Pride Parade, there was pride-themed snacks and decor around the office. Almost every day the open kitchen has food laid out for everyone to grab and is freshly made by the office’s dedicated kitchen staff.

Initially, I was taken aback by the non-existent dress code and relaxed office environment. Growing up, my career aspirations and upbringing were heavily influenced by my dad working in the financial services industry in Midtown Manhattan. I was always the most conservatively dressed in my first 2 weeks in my internship, but I eventually decided it was time to get on with the times and embrace the new millennial workplace. I was glad I did – it is really hard to keep your dress shirt sweat free in the middle of summer.

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