My goals for this internship are very clear. First I would like to build my personal and professional relationship with the people around me. From the people I work with at Student Painters including the CEO and my executive to the homeowners I do business with regularly. I feel it will give me a chance to come out of my comfort zone and talk to people I normally wouldn’t. This leads into my next goal of growing as a salesman. It is a skill I would like to have moving forward in my life and I believe in this internship I will be able to learn and grow and acquire at least a baseline amount of skills in sales. My last goal is to make money. I do not have a set amount I would like to make over the summer but after all my costs are taken care of I would like to finish the summer out at least positive $2,000. This internship will give me a chance to learn how to budget and create an opportunity for me to manage  my own money on a much larger scale for the first time in my life. If I can accomplish all three of these goals over the course of this internship I will consider it a huge success.

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