The physical work environment of Student Painters includes two places. The first being the office where I have to check in at once every two weeks and the other being wherever the job takes me. This could include my own desk in my house, Starbuck’s to do work or conduct interviews, and every homeowners house I find myself in. Now the first environment is very compact with lots of moving parts. Lots of people constantly on the phone and frantically scrambling to get things done. I really enjoyed this. You could tell things were moving in the business too and the sense of urgency everyone had really kept me motivated to make sure things were going just as smoothly for me in my business. I loved the environment and it definitely seemed like somewhere I would enjoy working in the future. The next I didn’t like so much. I would find myself running from home to home, always in my car and always rushing from place just making it in time. This time of stress I didn’t enjoy and would not like to do full time. The big takeaway from these two environment included the following: being with people was something I enjoy and running around alone, trapped by my own schedule was not something I enjoy.

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