A Valuable Lunch and Learn | #3

I’m very lucky to be interning as a special projects intern because not only do I get to work on projects that are internally confidential but I also get to get to interact with the former CEO (now executive chairman of the company), Jim McCann, daily. For example, every time he walks into his office, he walks past my desk and every time, he cracks a joke or teases me by calling me out. I don’t know about other companies but it’s rare that someone with such high status and position in a company, take the time and energy out of their day to make an intern like myself feel comfortable in a corporate environment.

While I’d like to think I’m special because the executive chairman knows who I am, I know that Jim makes an effort to include as many of the young employees and interns as he can because he really values our opinions and ideas. For example, we had a Lunch and Learn yesterday where all of us, interns, sat down with Jim, himself. However, unlike a typical Lunch and Learn where a department will give us a insight on what they do and how they contribute to the company, Jim turned the session into a discussion and instead, asked us for insights on how to develop the company further. He took the time out to ask the interns about their buying behavior and even took notes when interns made suggestions.  This Lunch and Learn really gave me a new perspective on the company as a whole because the CEO/executive chairman leads the company so to know that someone leading the company is so invested in us interns and our opinions, there is less of a corporate hierarchy and makes us interns feel more valued.

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