Blog 2: Trends on Trends

In my experience, work culture is very important to me. My environment around me has a large impact/influence on my quality of my work. I have had very corporate work settings – business casual/cubicles. However, I notice that environment doesn’t fit my personality. In my first week at Fabletics, I can already tell I love the culture. The building has a very open landscape – so everyone can easily communicate without walls behind them. It has an industrial, trendier look to the place. This aesthetic matches well with the employers who work there. Everyone I have met has been so friendly and eager to get to know me. There is no dress attire, so most people wear jeans (or even leggings)! When communicating with people in a less formal attire/setting, the conversations start to be more authentic. The conversations I have had this week have really impacted me. I didn’t just get to hear the glamorous life of working at a fashion company. I was able to listen and understand the struggles some employers have to go through on a daily basis. I also have gotten to know my co-workers on a more personal level. I have built many relationships with various people, which I hope to continue to further grow over the time in California!

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