Differences and Similarities | #3

This weeks topic is diversity, something that I honestly had not fully been exposed to until I stepped foot on the University of Michigan campus. As I headed into my internship, I was told I would be matched up with someone who the HR person thought would be a good fit personality wise and work wise. I first off assumed that my mentor would be a women, since this was the case at my two previous PR internships. Someone who had a similar background as me, etc. Turns out I was completely off. My mentor is male, black, Christian, and comes from inner city Boston. All of these characteristics I just listed, I am not. I am a female, white, Jewish, and suburban-grown. Could not be more opposite. However, this means nothing. We share a lot of interests such as Game of Thrones, and after all, working in the digital environment.

My mentor and I have a great work relationship. Despite our diverse backgrounds, we are great partners. In fact, throughout my last two weeks, I have been given more and more responsibility within my internships. I am now the Admin on some of our social media accounts and I am allowed to post content that I have made and has been approved by higher ups. It is really rewarding to see your work go into effect.

Therefore to reflect on a part of my identity that I am seeing or feeling in a different light as I navigate my internship, it is the fact that despite all of the differences, commonalities with people sometimes come in different forms of interests than the ones on paper.

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  • July 14, 2017 at 1:11 pm

    Amanda – You make a very important observation in stating that diversity is not just defined by someone’s birth. As my team grows, we really consider the value of diversity of personality as well – When there are too many people who think the same, there is a definite danger of ideas and content growing narrow and stale.


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