This internship one hundred perfect confirmed that running a business is exactly what I want to do. I loved everything about it from hiring/firing people, to setting and negotiating prices, to balancing out profits. As with anything in life there were times where it got hard and I wondered whether or not it was something I really wanted to do but in the end I can confidently say that yes it is. My favorite thing about this internship was that it completely left it up to me to either succeed or fail. They gave me more then enough resources but in the end my final product was mine. I felt that this is reflective of any successful business and after this experience I can confidently say that I am ready to  start my own business if I had to. Of course I don’t know everything but I never will and as I grow as an entrepreneur I really think Michigan can help me do that. I applied to the Ross School of Business and I hope that works out so I can graduate with a business degree. All in all I am extremely happy with my experience and next summer I might even try to run a business on my own.

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