Bartlett Group #1

Hey there, I’m Geoff and I am interning in the Umich Chemistry department, in Dr. Bartlett’s lab. Basically, I work as a researcher with an accompanying graduate student, Kori. Since high school, I have always like science classes. There is something appealing to me about understanding how the make up of the world, and how things work. I guess it might stem from the fact that I am a curious person who asks a lot of questions. That curiosity is the reason that I was even introduced to the position in the first place.

My first semester this year, I was taking General Chemistry, or Chem 130. Despite the workload, I genuinely enjoyed the course and found it interesting. During office hours, I would always ask Dr. Bartlett questions. When the term was over, Dr. Bartlett sent me an email asking to have a meeting. To be honest, I thought that I was in trouble for something as a natural reaction. When I got to the meeting, however, to my surprise he wanted to ask me about my plans and what I was interested in. After touring his lab facilities and talking with him further, he encouraged me to sign up for the UMEI/UROP Summer, 2017 fellowship. After applying, luckily, I got in.
She has been great so far. We work on nanoparticle synthesis, trying to find the methods that will give us the best result, which lately has been CuWO4. To start me out, she gave me a couple of books and papers to read and try and learn the different methods, and concepts. After two days of nonstop reading, I got to run my first experiment GR1-001. So far things have been great, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of my research has in store for me. 

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