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Hi! This is my 5th week at WebMD and I have some more info…

The great thing about working at such a large company for the summer is that you can absorb advice from many people in varied parts of the company. In order to achieve the high goals WebMD has as an organization, all divisions carry out unique tasks on a daily basis. It’s like each team is a piece of the huge puzzle that is WebMD. I am interning for the team in charge of hospital sales. There are six sales people under one supervisor and they are all extremely driven and enthusiastic about the products WebMD can offer hospitals and other health care systems. I have found mentors in two of the saleswomen on my team. They are fun and entertaining; however, they get so much done. I love seeing young, strong women in important business roles. It is really inspiring to me to be with them in the office because they are relaxed and fun, but very efficient and talented at what they do for a living. I’ve learned the importance of being firm, but flexible when communicating with clients. Both the women are quick on their feet in meetings and calls because they can sense what clients want based on questions asked. I enjoy working next to them because they seem to actually like their jobs. That’s what I want in a job – one I enjoy doing in an environment that is fun, supportive, and hardworking. Aside from taking in what I’ve observed, I have also gotten valuable life advice from the people around me. My supervisor spent a year after college working in London and traveling around Europe. He has told me about the program he did that through and tips about travel and budgeting. I know these tips will be super helpful when I (hopefully) go abroad next year. The program he went on also sounds amazing. It’s called BUNAC and it has all these opportunities to work, volunteer, and intern abroad. It is awesome to hear about all the cool programs there are available to young adults from more experienced people. Because there are so many experiences, I know I wouldn’t know about most of them without talking to others.


In addition to chatting with my co-workers, the intern program at WebMD has weekly “lunch and learns.” At these lunches, we get to hear from a division head in different parts of the company. This has given me the chance to get to know some of the other interns while we listen and discuss. It has also been interesting to meet and listen to many unique people and hear their career stories and what they do at the company. Everyone here has had very different paths to get here. Some have always been in sales, some have scientific backgrounds, some have computer programming backgrounds, some have worked in HR for their entire lives. The large size of the company needs lots of different skills and personalities to make it run smoothly. Yesterday, we heard from SVP of CME (Continuing Medical Education) Programming. He was awesome and gave us some super useful advice about starting our careers and for life as well. Two things he said stuck with me the most. First, the perception of you starts before you even step foot in a company to interview. By this, he meant that our generation has to be extremely careful about social media and what goes on the internet. He suggested putting the maximum privacy settings on all social media profiles, but making a great LinkedIn profile and making sure that it is public. Even though this might seem obvious, he said it’s amazing how many people have things on the internet that make employers worried before ever meeting an applicant. Second, “trust is earned in drops and lost in buckets.” I think this is absolutely true and is smart to remember for relationships in both life and work. The “lunch and learn” program is probably my favorite part about working at WebMD because each week we get to talk to someone extremely different who is doing something specialized for the company and hear from them. So far, everyone has had varied advice that can apply to future careers; however, their tips and stories can be taken as great general life advice, which is ridiculously valuable at this point in life.


That’s all I have for now,


Gracie H

My name is Gracie Hoffman and I'm from Nashville, TN! I am a rising junior in LSA studying Political Science and the History of Law and Policy. I'm currently interning at WebMD and exploring New York City.

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  • July 7, 2017 at 6:51 pm

    Wow, sounds like an incredible experience and an awesome internship. It’s great to meet people from lots of different academic backgrounds and surround yourself with different types of knowledge. Also great advice from your boss and something I definitely relate to!


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