Importance of Work Culture | #2

I believe that work culture is the combination of the beliefs of employees and the ideologies of the organization. I believe that a strong work culture is essential in pushing employees to their best potential. If employees are unhappy in their work environment, then how can they produce positive work? If the beliefs of employees do not align with the ideologies of the organization, the quality of the work will be negatively impacted. Furthermore, it is essential to encourage discussions, treat others the way you would want to be treated, and to increase transparency in a work environment. I believe that only in a healthy work culture, with high energy and positivity, can there be successful outcomes. My employer definitely values a strong work culture – it is clear in the way that she treats me and the other interns. She ensures that we are in a comfortable, welcoming environment and cares about our overall beliefs and insights. In considering my ideal work culture, positivity, compassion, and universal determination are essential to my growth as a professional. If I am surrounded by passionate people who are both hardworking and positive, then I feel motivated to push myself to my best potential.

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