I decided to interview the man that got me the job and hired me. We connected right from the start, with hockey being the one thing we were both passionate about. He now has a great job at a great company with successful kids. All this he did and he admittedly was not a great hockey player. This showed me that there is more to life then hockey and that your skill level in hockey has nothing to do with how well you will do in life. He mentioned that he was very impressed with the way I was balancing my hockey schedule with my internship. In the initial interview he also mentioned the biggest concern he had with me was the stress I was about to put on myself and that if I ever felt overwhelmed to call him directly. This made a huge impact on me because it made me feel like on top of all the other resources he provided me, that I had his support and that was huge. I really feel that this is a contact I will have for the long run and hopefully our professional careers don’t end with the end of this internship.

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