For my next interview with someone outside of the company I decided to interview someone who is very close to me and is doing amazing things with his life. We grew up together as friends in Florida but when I moved to Michigan we did our own things. Since I left, he started his own business and it has become very successful. We have always connected as friends and now it is very cool to be able to sit down years later and discuss each others success. He thought me that life is a lot about trial and error and forcing yourself into situations where yeah, you might fail, but you will also grow as a person regardless of the outcome. A lot of the things he did he had no idea what he was doing but he learned along the way and now he is doing great. I can easily translate this state of mind into everything that I do. If I’m ever scared of doing something or not sure I will have success in it I learned it is far better to try and fail then to wonder how you would ever do. I hope one day I can completely transform my mindset to this and consistently have that goal crushing attitude.

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