So far halfway through this internship I am very happy with where I am. I have completed a fair amount of sales and in this process I have learned how to deal with all different kinds of people. Looking back on my goals I believe I am all set to hit them all. I have hired two workers to complete production for me and so far that has gone smoothly with little to no problems at all. The only thing I realize I do not enjoy doing is cold calling. Even right from the start, going door to door and soliciting was something that took me out of my comfort zone. To this day I have made every sale myself and almost each one has started from this so I can’t say I am not good at it (or at least better then I was). This part of the internship has given me the biggest opportunity for growth thus far and I can’t wait to hire some marketers so I do not have to do it anymore. Moving forward I believe I just need to stay on the same path and keep working hard and this internship will be a life changing one.

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