In the painting industry the only way to maximize profits is to make sure mistakes are at a minimum. The smallest mistake could cost you big time and I almost learned this the hard way. Working on a deck for a customer many things came up where problems could have arisen. The first being I needed to power wash it three times and even then the paint kept flying off at a dangerous rate. The next being that he wanted me and my guys to use a specific type of paint, one we had no experience with. The last being that he was a huge stickler and was very adamant about us working until he thought it looked perfect or he would not pay. For all of these reasons I questioned a lot whether I should even take this job. It was a relatively small job but I wanted to get it done. I decided to do it anyways and even during production paint kept chipping off and I had to tell him that the color he ordered was completely different then the one he wanted and we found this out after it was about halfway done. So many things could have gone wrong on this job but after three days of production that stubborn man handed me over the check and it was an amazing feeling. We took our time, knew what we had to do and didn’t take any shortcuts. This led us to complete the job with great profit margins.

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