Heading into this internship the biggest thing I could say about myself is my ability to play hockey. It has opened so many doors for me in my life and even in the interview in which I got the internship I hit it off with the CEO for about 20 minute before the interview just talking about hockey. I thought in bringing up that I play hockey for Michigan and was drafted to the Islanders during my estimates would help me close on a few sales I wouldn’t get otherwise. This could not have been less true. When it came down to it I realized the biggest thing people cared about was getting quality work for their dollar, they didn’t care who was doing it for them. This was a nice wake up call and it told me that for the most part in the real world things like that can only get me so far. I started focusing more on who I was as a person and selling my quality guarantee over what I had accomplished and found that sales came a lot more times then not. In the end I am very glad I saw this change because it changed the way I look at myself and the way I thought people looked at me.

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