Week 10-Too many Good Byes

Nope…it’s not me that’s leaving, I still got 5 more weeks here, but living in an international city, people come in waves. People leaving for exchange, going back to their home countries, traveling elsewhere for an internship etc. No one in HK really sticks around for that long compared to America. People are always headed to a different country, continent. One of the privileges here that I’ll for sure miss when I leave, is the global connection and cultural diversity. Sometimes I don’t know which language to even speak…LOL only in HK.

There’s been more interns at my work place, which has made it feel less lonely and has given me the chance to connect with other students globally and learn more about what their campus life is like. I realize that undergrad life here in HK is less about partying and drinking, but more about finding community and global experience. But I’ve also realized people here don’t really have dreams like people in the States do, I guess they think more logical rather than creative and out of the box.

Aside from work, I’ve been exploring different parts of HK. Places such as Central district or Sheung Wan are super hipster and kind of remind me of San Francisco. Hipster coffee shops, boutiques, graffiti walls etc.

Hoping to learn more about trans-culturalism with my remaining weeks here!



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