Work Culture: Expectations vs. Reality & What I Can Take From Them | #2

To me, work culture is what defines the company. It is what makes the company unique, and is the result of everyone’s beliefs, traditions and values. I believe that working in an environment there is clear leadership with which everyone can agree with is the first step to establishing a good work culture. Having a collaborative workspace is the next step to ensuring a good work culture in the company.

My employer provides a clear vision as to what the company aims for in the long run, yet also celebrating and recognizing the small successes along the way. The way he leads his team allows for everyone to trust him and work with him to realize the end goal. The people I work with are also really cooperative and helpful. There isn’t one specific role in which they are confined with, there is flexibility within the role. As such, everyone tries to help one another when problem arises, and makes communicating with one another even simpler.

As far as my ideal work culture, I think the people as well as the kind of leadership within a company are important to my growth as a professional. The people I work with help me in growing my skill while also learning to communicate in a professional setting, and through a good leadership, I will be able to take notes and prepare myself for someday becoming a leader myself.

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