Constituent Services at the RNC Blog #3

Washington D.C.– what an amazing, historic place to spend a summer. Growing up, history was always one of my favorite subjects and was the most intriguing. American history is especially fascinating and doesn’t seem real at times. Being in the city that is the main hub of politics and has been for centuries is absolutely surreal. The Republican National Committee is two blocks away from the Capitol Building and is a short walk to the Smithsonian Museums, the White House, Washington Monument, and memorials. Every Friday, my supervisor sends myself and three of my fellow interns on “Great Escape” adventures which are similar to scavenger hunts. Today, we were told to go to the Lincoln Memorial, find the word that was spelt wrong, and take a picture of us with that word. The word was “future” once spelt “euture” and is now mostly fixed. I never knew that there was a mistake on the wall of the Lincoln Memorial but due to this adventure, I now know this. There are other times like when we were sent to the Smithsonian’s Natural History Museum and had to discover the curse of the Hope Diamond. It was an interesting tale that I most likely never would have known otherwise. Along with these adventures, the RNC has organized trips to the Capitol Building, White House, Library of Congress, and Supreme Court where we can get a special tour of the building and learn some history about each one. Oftentimes, I do not know most of the facts spewed by the tour guide and I end up learning a lot!

As for the city of D.C. itself, I have learned that this is not a place to own a car, do not own an apartment by yourself (it’s just not financially feasible! Haha), make sure you eat out (there are so many amazing and tasty restaurants here), attend as many events as possible (the national barbecue battle was delicious), know that D.C. is a city of networking, have a camera on you at all times (the views are phenomenal), be prepared for it to be about 800 degrees and humid 24/7, and definitely spend the 4th of July in D.C. (I was invited to the White House and I could not believe that I was actually there). All of these things are partly what I have learned and I’m sure I have learned so much more, but I just don’t realize it yet. Washington D.C. is fast-paced and there are opportunities all around you to succeed and make a difference. I have learned that I am meant to be here, at least for the next few years, and hopefully in years to come. I will definitely be returning and I have high hopes for the future!

4th of July- RNC interns!
Great Escape – Lincoln Memorial
White House Tour!

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