Diversity not Adversity | #3

As someone not from the US, sometimes I feel disconnected from the American culture. There are some aspects that I can identify with, of course, but sometimes I can fail to see things from another point of view. So at the start of my internship, I felt unsure of how I should act or if anything I say might be offensive.

However, my fears seemed so foolish after a few weeks of meetings with my supervisors, lunch with the other interns, and also team outings with all my colleagues. My meetings with my supervisors are always pleasant, with them giving me helpful advices on how to approach a problem I have. They also encouraged me to ask any questions, no matter how frank they are. It really helped to lighten the mood between supervisors and interns, as I knew they are more than ready to help me should I need it. Lunchtimes are always something to look forward because I get to step out for some fresh air and just talk with my fellow interns. They are a nice break from all the hustling in the office, and present me with chances to get to know more of the other interns and their own unique background. Team outings are perfect for me to get to know everyone else in the team in a much more relaxed and casual setting. It really opened my eyes to how all these different people agree or disagree in matters outside of the office.

In all my interactions, I’ve begun to realize how my own culture affects the way I see things and the way I work. Most importantly, I learn that most people are just as interested in my culture as I am in their culture. So instead of fearing and walking on eggshells around my colleagues, I am more relaxed now and am slowly learning to see things in different point of views.

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  • July 10, 2017 at 3:28 pm

    It’s good to hear that you’re becoming more comfortable! As an American I didn’t realize how sensitive we come across to non-Americans. I’m sorry that you felt like you had to walk on eggshells to avoid offending people. I recently went on my first trip abroad so I know how hard it can be to adapt to the different cultural norms and expectations of a new country, so kudos to you!


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