Halfway Point (post 3)

Last week marked the halfway point of the Doris Duke program. I’m surprisingly quite sad to see the summer go by so fast. Through our retreats I have gotten to know my cohort extremely well, and I feel like I will be missing many new friends come August.

A typical day for me as a Doris Duke scholar can vary because of the many research projects that go on within the lab. Below I will give a sample schedule of what a day might look like.


8:00am: Drive to the Botanical Gardens with my research partner.

8:15am: Water plants on a graduate student’s research plot.

10:00am: Begin grinding plant samples from previous research experiments.

12:00pm: Have lunch with my research mentor and research partner.

1:00pm: Return to the lab in the Dana Building basement to process ground plant samples and continue to help out around the lab.

4:30pm: Meet upstairs in the Dana Building for a professional development seminar with the rest of my cohort.


Some days we spend more or less time in the field. It’s overall a great mix, and I get a glimpse at a lot of different research projects from PhD, graduate, and undergraduate students. I am a little concerned about how I will tie together all that I have learned and done throughout the summer for my research poster. But a meeting with my research mentor quickly helped ease my worries. As long as I seek advise and council from my research mentor and other people in the lab, I’m sure my poster will turn out great.

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