Hitting My Stride | #4

Being done with my 3rd week as a research intern, I feel validated that most of my concerns from last week are now alleviated. I was able to iron out the problems I had with the daily research routine, and am able to read the contents of incoming reports while also avoiding mistakes. I’ve also manned the front desk, and really eased into the job – I can fill free time by reading the daily news, what’s happening in the markets both global and domestic, and finally, starting Thursday, have started working towards, my one capstone project, if you will. The gist of this project is, me and my supervisor coordinate together to find a topic that can tie back to Auerbach Grayson’s processed research, narrowing down to a specific industry or region, possibly both.

Combining my study of Japanese over the last 4 semesters with my interest in the video games industry (and extending that to hardware and electronics), as well as my work in my ES 212 class with mobile payment services. My nationality was a big discussion point in determining my research topic, due to being the only foreigner between the interns, as well as the rapid advancement of payment services and banking FinTech in Turkey. However, I decided that even though it’s a unique aspect, the banking FinTech in Turkey is rather routine, so I moved on. I still thought it was pretty interesting that I could connect my country to my work in a fairly meaningful way! Nevertheless, I continued to do some research over the week, and next week, I should be able to determine my research topic around the time I reach the half-way point of my internship.

However, we had something out of the routine this week: My colleague, Jie, gave us a presentation on value investing, which is part of her research along with having to do with courses she’s taking at NYU.

Personally, I really enjoyed my time this week, because I visibly improved and feel like I have a real sense of direction with my work now.

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  • July 9, 2017 at 7:58 pm

    It is one of the best feelings when you realize you’re finally getting a hang of the job you’re working in! As interns it can seem really hectic and challenging starting out in your position, so taking those small wins when you see yourself starting to finally get with the flow is always encouraging. Hopefully through the end of your time there you see yourself grow even more!


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