Love in the Community Blog Post #2

I think a lot of things have surprised me during my internship. The most important thing that has surprised me but is also very encouraging, is the love that is shown. Through working at Brilliant Detroit and collaborating with other non-profits, I have really seen the love that the organizations have for the communities they are serving. They really want the community voices to matter. While I was on my way to a meting with my supervisor, I saw this beautiful artwork. I love art so I was naturally drawn towards it. It looked really cool, as I got closer I began to see that this piece of art was not just a painting. Before I could inspect it more, my supervisor told me that the art was made out of the communities art. The community was asked to paint something that they would like to help improve the community. After everyone painted their paintings, the non-profit put all the paintings together and made one big painting. After I was told this, I couldn’t but help take a picture of it because this is what the news does not show about Detroit. How there are good things happening in Detroit and people who want to make their communities better. The love that the community have for each other is very encouraging and I hope that it can be replicated all over the city of Detroit. I am loving my internship and I am so happy I got the chance to gain this experience and knowledge. 







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