Italy to Slovenia to Croatia | #2

This past week has been so wonderful. Piran is such a popular tourist destination so there are loads of things to do every night and people from all over to meet. In fact, on Wednesday night at a jazz festival, I met an Australian composer who had come to Piran to get inspiration for a duet he needed to write for a group in Berlin. So random! I also went to a few of the surrounding towns to get a feel for the whole region. This past weekend I spent a day in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, I went to Krk, a northern Croatian island, and Trieste, the Italian port city at the northern tip of the Adriatic Sea. Because the Slovenian coast is only 43km long it is quite easy to travel from Croatia to Italy through Slovenia.

Ljubljana, Slovenia
Krk, Croatia
Krk, Croatia
Trieste, Italy

In the lab, we ran the same experiment three times because we cannot figure out the correct enzyme to use to have a successful result. It has been extremely frustrating. However, on Thursday the marine bio station hosted a demonstration event with scientists from all over the Mediterranean coast. Various techniques for water testing were presented with a large emphasis on harmful algae blooms due to global warming. It was incredibly interesting to see how climate change can directly affect an entire region like making seafood toxic.

As a young scientist from Michigan and America I have always felt like scientific research was centered around the work done in the states. Of course we have such a large influence because of how many research facilities we have, but the rest of the world is right up there with us. This opportunity is so incredible because I am able to understand research from a worldly perspective.


Biology and Environment major at the University of Michigan. Boston --> Ann Arbor --> Piran, Slovenia. I <3 sailing, backpacking, theater, and baking.

2 thoughts on “Italy to Slovenia to Croatia | #2

  • July 11, 2017 at 10:14 pm

    Hi Tansy – I am glad you like your time in Slovenia. Such beautiful pictures from Croatia!

  • July 12, 2017 at 7:54 pm

    This sounds like such a fantastic opportunity! The research seems really interesting and it is fascinating how you were able to realize that other countries are right up there with America in regard to research and science. The pictures you posted are absolutely beautiful and this is definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity! Good luck with the rest of your research and enjoy these amazing countries you are traveling too! 🙂


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