Blog #3 – Two Sides to a Pence

It is easy to magnify the amazing and wonderful aspects of being abroad, because quite frankly there are more than I can count. But as I wind down my time here with only three weeks left to go, I come to realize my time in London has also been a large game of adaptation in a place that moves faster than light. During this past week I found myself thinking of London as more than just a vacation destination that I was staying in for a short period of time before i went back to reality, but actually the possibility of a future location to live and work, being a major hub for business. And as I took a step back and thought about it, I wondered if this would be the location i would want to shape a future around.

My hometown was really quite small. Ann Arbor was a major step up in size, but manageable, as it still had quaint aspects to it. But large cities, those are a completely different beast. There is a certain air of emptiness in a place so packed. People constantly moving, focused, driven forward. It’s inspiring in a way, to see that motivation, but it also makes me think of the calmness from my more quaint upbringing. The difference are night and day, and while I could not live in a place like my hometown for the rest of my life, it has been quite the experience to see what it is like on the other end. Being here has made me adapt to the environment, and because of this I think i am better off, but when things get crazy in a city that flies by it really brings to mind the differences in the world, and how people in other places lead lives that people could not even comprehend, had they not had the opportunity to experience it.

My internship has given me immense knowledge of managing social media and auditing companies online, and the time that I have spent at my job has been nothing but amazing. So in the end I do think i could live in a large city, and I welcome the opportunity! I might just have to make a couple trips home to get a balanced perspective.

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