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At my internship this summer I would like to complete my tasks as efficiently and thoroughly as I possibly can. For the most part, I have always considered myself to be a slow reader, but my internship requires me to read over 100 pages a day. I want this internship to be my chance to advance my reading skills and become a faster reader by the end of the summer. At first, I was extremely intimidated by all the reading but also excited at the same time to actually be given trusting responsibilities for once. At my internships in the past, I never actually felt like I was adding value to the company by providing them with helpful work. But at my job now, I am reading scripts and writing coverage reports on them that get sent to the executives at the company immediately after I finish them. I believe this to be a really beneficial experience for me whether or not I see myself working in the entertainment industry in the future because my work is being looked over by actual people who trust me and rely on me to hand in well written work. I think the fact that I am submitting my assignments to employers that are not my supervisor motivate me to take my time and apply my full attention to the tasks in order to complete them to the best of my ability, but also in a timely manner.

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