Expectations Vs. Reality – Shanghai Internship | #2

So far, I really like the company I’m working at. In the marketing department, there are only about 10 people, so it is a fairly tight group of people. Also, I got to know everyone pretty fast. I think the reason that my expectations kind of strayed from reality was because I forgot that they are kind of like a startup.

My Workspace At Work

Although they already have a really successful domestic product, they are still a relatively small company compared to the civil engineering company I had interned with before. I expected much more work than what I got. So, often more than not, I had free time to do whatever. Because our company is in the process of launching their new international product, JUISIR, there has been a lack of work. However, my supervisor notified me that there will be more work next week.

Shanghai – Oriental Pearl Tower


We have our lunch break from 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM and we also have nap time from 1:00 PM – 1:30 PM. I was really surprised at first and asked if this was normal. They told me that nap time is commonly incorporated in company’s work schedule in China. I usually have lunch with my whole team.

The place that we work at have hundreds of restaurants on the ground floor. I want to share some of the food I had in Shanghai…

Healthy Salad
Wonton Soup
BBQ Grill








Dim Sum


There is such a huge variety of food in Shanghai, being it an enormous international city. I try to eat healthy on days when I am at home and too lazy to go out with friends. So, I get delivery of salad to stay healthy if I am at home and don’t want to go out. Delivery is SO CHEAP AND CONVENIENT in China. I got that big healthy salad for like less than $5 USD and you can get other nice combo meals for even less with the delivery included!


Another thing that differed from my expectation was that I expected to do more learning than executing during my time here. So far, I have been working on the recipe book for our product, monitoring and leading their social platforms, and creating a structuralized plan for rebranding the product. I do feel a little disappointed that I can’t learn as much as I anticipated but I am still grateful for this experience.

One of the main reasons I came to Shanghai was to improve my Mandarin. The other reason was to experience different business/company dynamics in foreign countries besides the US. I feel this experience will help me gain new perspectives and nurture a creative yet knowledgeable mindset. I strongly feel that this aspect is definitely being fulfilled during my time here and will only continue to from there.

Go-Karting Shanghai

On the weekends, I do go on some adventures on with my friends I met in Mandarin House! One of the weekends we went Go-Karting. We go around an indoor race track and you can go pretty fast! We’ve gone there twice and it is a little pricey, about $15 for 8 minutes. But, it is definitely worth it!


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  • July 17, 2017 at 4:22 pm

    I really wish nap time was regularly incorporated into US work life! I feel like I would be so much more productive haha. If you want to learn more at your internship, you could try asking your supervisor for different projects. Or try shadowing another supervisor/conduct an informational interview! 🙂


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