Just starting #1

  • Tell us about your internship and what drew you to this specific opportunity.
  • What goals and expectations do you have for your internship? What are you hoping to learn from this experience?

My internship is good so far. I’ve been working on my website and making the content and reflections better. The menus I have on my website so far are blogs, stories, college application process, resume building, and scholarships. I create new blogs 6 days a week. I can pretty much write about anything related to education, but there is one day (Thursday) I have dedicated to posting people’s stories. I’ve interviewed people and ask them about their high school and college experiences, what advice they have, or whatever they want to say is welcome.

A goal I have for my website is to successfully start and finish a scholarship fund. I have already made the application and sent it to some people, but the application period is still open so I have time to finish it. From this experience, I’m hoping to learn how to better manage my time. It’s a lot of work trying to blog most days and staying on top of what I want to do. Hopefully I can stick through it and make a good difference.

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