Mcubed – a Gift but also a Challenge #1

From UROP to Mcubed, my research journey has never been more colorful. Although I now have a sufficient level of experience in research, the Mcubed program still exerts a fair amount of pressure on me.

This project is extremely challenging for me for many reasons. The number one issue is that as someone who was just introduced to the field of computer science, I sometimes don’t have enough experience to understand the learning material my mentor assigned me. In addition, the software we’re assigned to work with – JADE is a such a new software to almost everyone that we can’t really seek help anywhere. There were so many untouched concepts for me in the literature survey stage that I sometimes became frustrated and started doubting myself even more.

Fortunately, I have a very supportive partner to work on this difficult project with. Together, we explained to each other concepts that we had difficulties understanding. My mentor is also very patient and supportive with us. Even though he has limited experience with JADE software, he provided us with helpful reading that targets specifically on the topics we struggle with. With a very thorough and difficult background study, my partner and I were finally able to move on to the next stage of the project – creating a multi-agent platform that performs power flow functionalities. In the end, from being challenged is what brings us to become more persistent and passionate scholars.

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