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The past few weeks of prepping and actually starting my internship at Aflac have been interesting and worthwhile. However, it didn’t start out in this manner.

Honestly, I wasn’t sure how I felt going into the internship. The position doesn’t have an official name, but the closest label would be “Sales Intern”. For someone who tends to be more reserved like I am, this doesn’t seem to be something I would normally take on – which is one of the reasons I was compelled to take it on!

At the interview, my interviewer described a long process. There was much talk of going into businesses, how to make sales, how to treat clients and service them with the correct mindset, and of course, he mentioned the pay. The interview lasted over an hour and it ended up being more like an overview of what to expect should he call us again. I left unsure if this was the right type of position for me. After all, sales has a stigma of being underhanded and full of scammers. Yet, he left the impression that this was not the goal of Aflac at all, and rather it is far from it. I had mixed opinions about the job, but decided that if I received a call back, I might go after it, as it would be an opportunity to grow myself as a person.

The next day, he called me to come back for a second interview.


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