Summer Internship Part 1: The Mid-Point | #4

I can’t believe that I’m now halfway through my internship — where has all that time gone? My goal was to learn how a start up functions, and I feel that everyday I am learning something new about how they work. First off, I performed industry research to consolidate a list of potential clients, and this had helped me gain an insight as to the kind of clients the company looks for. Also, this has helped me gain a better understanding of various industries. To get us motivated for researching industries, our supervisors made a challenge. The intern who prospected the most clients in 2 weeks gets a prize, and I am proud to say that I have won both times in the past 4 weeks. Although it sounds competitive, I really appreciate my fellow interns who are really helpful and supportive.

I am also in charge of maintaining the blogs of our clients’ websites, which helped me become more familiar with the work that Vimbly Design does. I have also taken up more website designing responsibilities, which is very new to me. However, I am really excited to learn a new skill. Just recently, I was told to do a wireframe of an email service that Vimbly Design wants to make, and my supervisor gave a well done for the work I did. So I was quite satisfied with that.

With these in mind, I have begun to recalibrate my goal. I want to design at least one website by the summer, and also find at least 5 clients for the company. To be honest with myself, my goal seems very ambitious, given I’m only a beginner in designing and even getting 1 client was really difficult. However, I’d like to try and see how I’ll do and what I can improve during this summer.

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