The Future #2

My internship here at the lab is well under way and I am surprised how much I have learned. As a Microbiology major I had no idea that I would be learning so much in this lab. Beyond learning about the bacteria we use for our tests and the projects in general I have a deeper more profound understanding of the equipment and processes that go into all of the assays for our project. What has surprised me most is the support I am getting from my P.I. and coworkers to look to the future, they are encouraging me to develop my own project and to strive to do poster presentations on whatever I chose to explore. I have put more of my own time than I would have ever thought into developing and nurturing for the ideas for this new project so that I can pitch it to the group and hopefully get the go-ahead to proceed with collecting data. I’ve spent countless hours reading and analyzing papers preciously published and understanding the assays necessary to pursue the project I want and I have reached the point where I finally think I have something worth pitching. This is maybe the third pitch I will give, all the rest of my ideas were shot down for being too simple or already explored but I know this is the time. The ultimate goal has shifted, from an experience in the field of research to an actual paper that could be published in my name.

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