#1 – Goals and First Day of Work

I think the most important purposes of an internship is to 1. explore different possibilities 2. learn how to communicate effectively with people from different background, expertise and personalities and 3. step out of my comfort zone, to challenge myself and to achieve more. My goals and expectations are categorized as soft skills, hard skills, personal goals and professional goals. In terms of soft skills, given the golden location of San Francisco, I expect myself to utilize the proximity to network with alums and outstanding professionals. From talking to them, I hope to understand more about different industries and professions, to gain career and life advice and to build long term amicable relationships. Since my internship is about marketing, I hope to acquire understanding and skills in B2B marketing and eventually generate more leads and MQLs from search engine optimization and social media.

Baring my goals in mind, I knew that I needed to quickly grasp the company culture and marketing process and to know more about everyone in the company. On my first day of company, I actively talked to other team members and scheduled coffee chat with them to know more about their work and experiences. I also requested marketing related materials and had meetings to know about the marketing process in the company. I felt very grateful because everyone here was very open, helpful and knowledgeable and therefore, I was able to understand the company culture, the industry landscape and B2B marketing in a short time.

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  • July 11, 2017 at 2:42 pm

    I like the variety of your goals, Yuting! It’s great to hear that you have already taken the initiative to meet with team members too. Best of luck!


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