4th of July week| #2

So, this week is the week of 4th of July, and I got a day off.

However, I still go to work on July 3rd, and many employees took PTO (Paid time off) on that day. So I worked on some ACA-related (Obama Care) research work and had some Indian buffet for lunch.

The tune of summer was full of comfort and sunshine. I decided to go to Milwaukee to attend the summer festival on July 4th!

We took Amtrak at 8:30 am and arrived at Milwaukee at about 10 am, which took an hour and a half. We checked in at our hotel and had a great breakfast.

Then we went for the Summer Fest. There are tons of music to enjoy, which caters to people of different ages. I luckily got the King’s Deck for the event, so there are free buffet and beverages.

Later, we went for a paddle wheeler on the lake, and the view was amazing. (Everyone shall try)

At night, we, fortunately, found some Korean food, because most of the restaurants are closed on July 4th. We watched the firework at around 9:30 pm, which was fantastic.

On the second day, I went to Milwaukee office to work and had a lunch with EPs (Equity Principal).

Learned some advice:

  1. Try to figure what you want to do as early as possible, and go in that directions
  2. Make sure you travel to as many places as possible
  3. Be curious and you will find what you like.
  4. Don’t follow your passion, but follow what you are good at because people usually lose their passion when they are not at what they thought they have passion in.

Pretty much for now:)




Originally from Shanghai, China, who spent couple years in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, Macau, and the USA, I will be an Actuarial Consulting intern at Milliman's Chicago Health Practice for Summer 2017.

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