When it comes to what has been most surprising about my internship thus far, the level at which my team trusts their interns is most certainly up there. What I mean by this, is how they trust us to not only get things done on time, but they trust us with high level work that involves us interacting with the clients. We are told a job to do, and we are expected, and most importantly trusted, to deliver.

To give some brief examples, socializing and building relationships is one of the major elements of this industry. I have been brought on many lunches, and have sat in on several meetings where I began to truly understand the necessity of maintaining these connections. Trust is found in a big way within this example due to the fact that my boss not only believes that I have the ability to represent the company the way she would, but also that I keep the information spoken about, within the company. Innovative ideas are what keeps advertising agencies afloat, meaning confidentiality is a big component within this industry. Along with partaking in client/rep meetings, I have also been given the ability to email back and forth with reps, on behalf of other members of my team. It has taught me great responsibility, as well as an awareness to my work, that I never used to have.

Trust is an amazing, and necessary, quality to earn, prove, and maintain throughout life. This internship being no exception. Not only is learning the industry important within these 11 week internships, but networking and maintaining connections is a trait that surpasses the former by miles.

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