An Amazing Opportunity | #1

I secured a summer internship at one of the largest merchandising companies in the US, called Acosta Sales and Marketing. In my promotion management role with Acosta, I’m responsible for executing the on-shelf marketing and product fulfillment strategies for leading Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies including Coke, Nestle, Dean Foods, and Hostess. I am assigned to all the Walmart and Sam’s Club stores in a suburban Chicago territory. I’m charged with developing a positive relationship between store management and Acosta. I travel to several stores in my territory and ensure that displays and stored shelves are clean, organized, and correctly stocked with the client’s products, which requires detailed focus. In addition, I put up special promotional materials and displays to increase the client’s sales for those products at each store, which requires an understanding of the larger marketing strategy for seasonal promotions. I am also responsible for performing and reporting on audits at every store to ensure customer contracts are being fulfilled.

Since Hostess is one of our clients, I have attached a picture for one of the jobs that I do for them when I go into a store. A lot of times all of the Hostess products are very disorganized. This leads to a decrease in sales. Part of my job is to organize everything and make it appealing to look at so that people will be more inclined to buy them over our competitors products. The picture is the result of the work that I did. It is because of the work that my coworkers and I do for Hostess that they continue to be a very loyal client.


I was drawn to this opportunity because I am very interested in marketing, sales, and merchandising. I want to work for a CPG company in the marketing department upon graduation, and this will provide me with the experience that I need. In addition, I will be able to bring real world experience to the marketing classes that I will be taking next semester. As such, it will give me practical knowledge to draw on for class discussions.

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