Blog #1 Goals

One goal I hope to accomplish during this internship is the development of a relationship between myself and one of the accompanying students. Working with students during the YIP camp can often be difficult if you cannot relate or gain trust from students due to the different backgrounds of the participants. Each student has a different story and as a mentor I know that I must understand that and try to understand their situation as best as I can to create a relationship that is based on the trust of that student.

Another goal I hope to accomplish is a better understanding of the operation of the YIP camp program. I want to look at the organization structure of the camp and see what finer details are needed to make this process a success. I want to learn about the developmental planning and the process of creating a structure that the organizers believe will fit best for the students. A big part of the organization I believe focuses on the likeness of the students so that they can stay engaged which will allow the staff to work with them on an efficient level. This goal is important because organization and planning is an important asset to have.

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