Blog 1: Goals

After the first week of my internship it’s become clear to me that I need to make the most of my opportunity working at Live Nation. There are a plethora of interesting people to meet and so many chances to travel. At the same time, I realized that work is not handed out to interns. My first day at work I was just waiting around for someone to tell me to do something, but that instruction never came. I left work feeling disappointed and I decided that one goal I have tired to accomplish is forming friendships with my superiors. I believe if I form trust with my superiors, they will trust me with assignments. Although my first day was a little discouraging it definitely help me set my goals for the rest of my internship.  I thought about what I wanted to gain from this experience and at the end of the day all I really wanted was work experience in a corporate office. I want to learn how to navigate a corporate workplace from the bottom to the top. Being an unpaid intern, I really saw how the politics and bureaucracy of a corporate environment can shape a workplace.  I think its important to remind yourself of your goals throughout your internship, especially when you feel like you are doing meaningless busy work.

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