Blog #1: My First Week Working at Victory Toyota of Canton

This past week has been my first full week of my Internship at Victory Toyota of Canton. As this is my first blog, I want to give some background on my internship. I was able to apply for this internship through a connection I made with Roger Olson. Roger, in addition to being a part time professor in the Ross Business School, is the COO of Victory Automotive Group- which operates the Victory Toyota dealership I work out of. My job as a Sales Intern consists of helping the other sales associates with phone calls, sending emails to customers, and showing cars/ negotiating deals with customers. Furthermore, after a few weeks of training, I will begin to work on my own with my own customers and handle all the responsibilities of a sales associate on my own.


Although it is still early, I want to set some goals for my internship. One personal, tangible goal which I have is to sell four cars on my own. I feel that this is an attainable goal, as most of the full time sales staff will sell between 10-25 cars in a month. If I can reach this goal then I think that I will feel as if I have contributed to the dealership, as well as proved to myself that I can adapt to a new field and still achieve success. In addition, in a more broad and abstract sense I would like to gain more communication skills through this internship. Because even though I’m not sure that sales is something I would do as a career, the personal and in-personal communication skills which I practice through this internship will serve me for the rest of my life.

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