Blog #2: The Physical Work Environment of a Car Dealership

Depending on who you ask, Car Dealerships can be described as a place of great excitement and joy- as they are where someone picks up their brand new car, or as a place best described as a haunted medieval castle, complete with bloodsucking car salesmen who are ready to steal your money just as a vampire would your blood. Because of this, there is a lot of effort placed on making car dealerships appear welcoming to potential customers. This is especially true at the dealership where I am working for my internship, Victory Toyota of Canton.


One way in which the physical environment is designed to appear welcoming at Victory Toyota is by the lighting and the dimensions of the space. The building is very long and has a ceiling which is 25 ft or higher, giving the space a feeling of openness, meaning that customers (and employees) don’t feel like they are being trapped in. Furthermore, the space is brightly lit and features white tile floors, meaning that the space feels even bigger and more welcoming than it already is.

The second way in which the physical space of my dealership is designed to feel welcoming is through the design of the space. Sales associates, like myself, sit in cubicles with glass walls. While this is certainly less personal than an office, it helps to make the space within the cubicle bigger. Furthermore, although I think I would eventually like to have a job with a private office, the openness and ease of communication (with coworkers and customers) provided by a cubicle is certainly appealing.

Lastly, the physical space of Victory Toyota is designed to feel welcoming through our customer lounge area. As a stated above, many people despise having to visit a car dealer, and view it as a chore rather than a pleasure. To combat this, our customer lounge area features comfortable couches, flat screen TVs, a popcorn machine, fresh coffee and cookies, and even a staff member to provide complimentary sandwiches at lunch time.

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