Blog 2: Work Culture

Prompt 2

The physical workplace at Live Nation really varies floor to floor and that sort of reflects the hierarchy of the company. I don’t think it was setup like this on purpose, but I have noticed it to be true. The fourth floor, also the top floor, is where the highest executives in the company work. For example, The CEO Michael Rapino and the CFO Kathy Willard work on the 4th floor.  The fourth floor is large, well spaced out, and has a tremendous amount of natural light. The third floor is for senior employees and directors of various branches within live nation. This floor has the look and feel of  a stereotypical corporate office. The next floor and last floor for office employees is the second floor. The second floor contains the least senior people in the company, yet their importance seems extremely vital to the rest of the company. Its been interesting to think about whether a company really runs top to bottom or bottom to top. In a sense, the executives at the top make the decisions, but without the people on the bottom none of those decisions would be executed. The lobby is truly beautiful and fits the perfect “vibe” for a music company. There is even a bar with multiple beers on tap for employees aged at least 21 years. A really great work environment overall.

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  • July 21, 2017 at 1:08 pm

    Great observations and reflections. It’s amazing how each floor has it’s unique culture; yet, each determines the success of the next.


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