Blog Post 1

Connor Schram

Blog Post 1

ALA 225

Prior to beginning my internship at Sharper Image, I had the opportunity to examine the offices and meet my soon-to-be boss. During this first visit I visualized what my experience would be like, allowing me to set goals for my summer position. Going into the internship, I knew I had skills in branding, tech, product discovery, and general marketing. To expand into business areas and add to these areas I sought out ways to improve my knowledge of e-commerce and marketing strategy. Since I work under the director of marketing, all the goals I set out to achieve are attainable. I have been exposed to many technical tools for improving user experience on the site, different digital tools for enhancing our marketing capabilities and managing listings on other online markets, and learned the inner workings of different analytics tools. My main goals moving forward are innovating on how the company discovers products and integrating social media to connect to our target market.

My first few projects allowed me to utilize my knowledge of film/tv production and industries as I reviewed and improved upon the TV spots that had been launched. I also audited the catalog to make sure products within the print aligned with the digital product listings, and did an audit on the product photography and how it could be improved. Mixing in projects like this with the many meetings I attend has made for a very educational internship formula. I look forward to my work here at sharper image.

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