Blog Post 2

Connor Schram

Blog Post 2

ALA 225

Work Culture is a defining factor for me in terms of understanding how a company and the people within it operate. The factors within this analysis include attitude, environment, productivity, and synergy. I believe my employer would define work culture in a similar fashion. My ideal work culture would involve a setting, both physical and involving personnel, that uses synergy and a hard-working attitude and mentality to motivate productivity in the workplace. This focus starts with the people within it in addition to how the workplace motivates the workers to interact and produce.

The Sharper Image Workplace, although it may be somewhat outdated, is synergized, open, and effective for the size of the company. Although I have a large cubicle, the area I work in is very open allowing me to converse frequently with my coworkers. Structurally, the environment matches my work style, however, the aesthetics of the office do not align with my creative mentality. Despite the aesthetics, Since Sharper Image does have a ton of products allowing us to get to have a great time testing them and discussing which ones we really enjoy using.

My first few weeks here have been fantastic. Building off my discussion on Work Culture, during one of my first days here was able to attend a staff BBQ. This was a very welcoming experience and it also allowed for me to interact with people I have not had the chance to work with yet. I have learned a great deal and have had awesome support from my boss and other people within the office. I look forward to continuing my work here.

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